Some useful Project resources:

Whānau Support Group Facilitators Resources



15 handouts combined in one PDF document:
– Methamphetamine
– Cycle of Abuse
– How can I tell if they are using
– Coping
– Stages of change
– Levels of involvement
– Relapse
– Alcohol
– Cannabis
– Communication Traps
– Improving Communication
– Assertive Communication
– Stress
– Beating Stress Do’s and Dont’s
– Calm Breathing & Calming Mantra
Powerpoint Sessions:
The Process of Addiction Power
Families in Recovery
Alcohol and Cannabis
Social Supports
Te Ara Oranga Referral Form
Referral Form Te Ara Oranga
Info Sharing Guide – Public Sector Agencies
Info Sharing Guide
Employment Support and Addiction – what works
What Works
Talking Therapies for Maori
Maori Talking Therapies
Getting work with a criminal history
Do you have a client who has a criminal conviction? This worksheet can support them to explain it to potential employers.
Getting Employment Worksheet
Meth Cycle Magnet Artwork


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